Tool to Burn Windows 7 Files to DVD

Nowadays, DVD disk can be used in any computer with DVD drive, whereas DVD discs can only be read by the computers with DVD drive installed. Usually, most of the modern computers have a dual purpose drive installed which is capable enough to read and write data onto both CD and DVD discs. However, Windows 7 has a new disc format so called as Live File System which allows you to Save, Edit and Erase files on DVD in much the similar way as you work with USB stick. Files are immediately copied to the disk without the need to create a file list and choose Burn option.

On the other hand, if the disc is to be used on computers running on older versions of Windows XP or in DVD player devices, them Mastered format must be used to create the disc and ensure that it is readable. Also, disc creation using the Mastered format is rather like working with a more traditional DVD burning program, in which you choose the files need to be burnt and burn them to disc. Although, are you looking for a reliable software to burn files on DVD compatible with Windows 7 computer? If yes, then here is a perfect application i.e. Remo MORE which has the ability to burn files to DVD on Windows 7 machine in a well effective manner.

The following are the instructions that give you detailed information about how to burn files to DVD in Windows 7 computer and have the DVD remain in the state where the files can be burnt to it again on future occasions until DVD is full.

  • Insert a writable blank DVD into Windows 7 DVD drive. On our modern all in one style computers you will find the drive mounted vertically on the right hand side of the computer. A dialog opens on the desktop listing various options, choose Burn iles to disc.
  • Now, Burn a Disc dialog box appears and note that the Like a USB flash drive option is chosen by default, enter a title for your disc and click on Next, the disc will be formatted.
  • Then, the AutoPlay dialog box appears, click on Open folder to view the files to display available drives and network folder locations on the left, your target CD is listed in the area as DVD RW Drive (D:).
  • When target DVD RW Drive (D :) is selected an empty folder is displayed on the right into which you can drag or copy files to be burnt to your DVD. Files are automatically burnt to your DVD when copied to the folder. You can also copy the files to the DVD by dragging them and dropping them on the DVD RW Drive (D:) icon in left section.
  • When you have finished copying files to your disc, it can be ejected from the drive by pressing the drive eject option or by right clicking on DVD RW Drive (D:) in the left hand pane and selecting Eject from the menu.
  • When you eject your DVD, the system prompts you to wait unless the session is closed before ejecting. Closing the session enables the disc to be used on other system.

That’s it. The good thing about this built in tool is that you can manually burn files to DVD on Windows 7 machine. There is work around though, you can still right click the chosen file and see the size occupied by the files, but it doesn’t tell you exactly how much space is still left with disc. Instead, you can download and install Remo MORE software to burn Windows 7 files to DVD with more simple steps. WIth this MORE suite helps you to see how much disc space is left out. Besides Windows 7, it has the potential to burn files on DVD running on other versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc.

Learn how to burn files to DVD on Windows 7:

Step1: Download Remo MORE software and install the same. Launch the software and select “Manage” option from the main window. Select “Compress & Burn” option from the second screen and choose "DVD Burner" option to get main screen as shown in figure 1.

How to Burn Files to DVD in Windows 7 - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step2: Then, click on "Burn Data Disk" option from main screen and choose the appropriate files which needs to be burned on Windows 7 machine. Now, insert DVD disc and click on "Burn" option to start buring process as shown in figure 2.

How to Burn Files to DVD in Windows 7 - Tap on Burn Option

Fig 2 : Tap on Burn Option

Step 3: As soon as you select "Burn” option the software starts the buring process. And soon after the completion of buring process, you will get the message box "Successfully Completed" as shown in figure 3.

How to Burn Files to DVD in Windows 7 - Burning Process Completed

Fig 3 : Burning Process Completed