How to Lock Flash Drive Files?

There are many occasions where you may need to lock files dwelling in flash drive. By doing so, you can provide anough security to your sensitive files that are related to your personal or office work. Being a portable device, flash drive is used for backup process of data related to office work or personal. People find it very convenient to transfer data from one computer to another. In case you want to lock files on flash drive so that if it is misplaced or lost then no one can access your files stored then, Remo MORE is the best choice, which is an efficient tool for locking files of flash drive with ease.

How to lock files on flash drive?

As I mentioned earlier in this article that, flash drive is small and portable which can be easily read on ant devices with a USB port. Due to this, it becomes a bit insecure, and in case your flash drive is lost then critical data stored on it also can easily be accessed. Unluckily you cannot simply protect entire flash drive with password to make it secure. Thus you have to lock files dwelling on your USB flash drive. To lock files on flash drive, you should make use of an application which is able to lock your files which are housing on your flash drive with ease. Remo MORE tool is perfect suitable to handle such type of requirement. It has been developed with aim to provide security to your files stored on pen drive proficiently.

What are the advantages of locking files on flash drive?

If you have locked your files on flash drive files then the chance of data theft is completely eradicated. Even if somebody gets accessed to your flash drive then they won’t be able to access information from it without the right password. Apart from this if you are a kind of person whose flash drive is used by many people then it would be excellent solution for you to lock your private files on flash drive so that other will not be able to access your data.

Remo MORE can lock files of flash drive on both Windows as well as Mac computer system. Its high performance gives it a new identity among the users. You can lock all types of files on flash drive including Word, Excel, PPT and many others. This software generates a robust password which cannot be cracked by trial and hit method. MORE not only locks files on USB flash drive but you can also use this tool to lock file on SD card and other different storage drive including computer hard disk drive. It is recommended by highly qualified and veteran software industries to use for locking files on flash drive.

Steps to lock files on flash drive:

Step1: Download Remo MORE software and install on your computer. Run the software and select “Manage” option from the main window. Select “File Manager” option from the second screen as shown in figure 1 and then connect your flash drive to that system.

How to Lock Files on Flash Drive - Select File Manager

Figure 1: Select File Manager

Step2: After this select “File Protector” option from the this screen as shown in figure2.

How to Lock Files on Flash Drive - Select File Protector

Figure 2: Select File Protector

Step3: On next screen you will get two options, click on “File/Folder Locker” option to password protect files on your USB drive as shown in figure3.

How to Lock Files on Flash Drive - Select File/Folder Locker

Figure 3: File/Folder Locker

Step4: As soon as you select "File/Folder Locker” option the MORE will ask you to set the master password to lock the files on flash drive. After setting password add the files which you want to lock and click on “Lock” button as shown in figure4.

How to Lock Files on Flash Drive - Select Lock Option

Figure 4: Select Lock Option