Tool to Boost External Hard Drive Speed

If you are experiencing low external hard drive speed problem then here is the best solution for you using which you can easily speed up your external hard drive. With the help of highly dependable utility such as Remo MORE you can definitely improve your external hard drive performance without any problem. When we keep on storing different file types on our external HDD what happens is it affects the speed of the external storage device to a great extent. More the number of files and folders on the external hard drive lesser is its speed. Therefore it is a must to get rid of unwanted files and folders on the external HDD to help it outperform. But the problem is that if we attempt it manually then we may or may not be able to achieve the desired results. Though there are various techniques that can be applied to get this task performed most of the times these prove themselves as unreliable and ineffective. That is why we require effective cum reliable software such as Remo MORE to perform this task.

Your external hard drive speed will get affected also when you make some major changes in it. Usually we keep deleting some files from our external hard drive to make some free space so that we can use the space as and when the requirement arises. In this way we delete many files which are of less importance. But such deletion results in the fragmentation of the entire data on the external hard disk drive which makes the device very slow. Fragmentation is one of the major reasons for slowdown of the external HDD. But in this situation if we make use of Remo MORE program then we can very easily defrag our external hard drive. This software will defrag the external hard drive within just few minutes.

Due to slow speed of your external hard drive if you are not able to transfer files from one drive to the other in a short span of time then you must make use of this app. It will boost up the speed of your external hard drive with just few clicks. If you are the one who has tried improving the performance of your external hard drive by enabling the "write caching on the disk" and "advanced performance" but failed in doing so then you just require this renowned application. You can run this tool on different Windows computers such as Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008. This software comes absolutely free of cost which is quite shocking. It can speed up external hard drives of different brands such as Kingston, Toshiba, and Maxtor etc.

Learn How to Speed Up External Hard Drive using Remo MORE tool:

Step1: Download Remo MORE software on your Windows computer and install the same. Connect the external hard drive to this computer. Launch the software and select "Manage" option from the main window. Select "Drive Defrag" option from the second screen.

How to Speed Up External Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step2: Then select your external hard drive from the next screen. Once you do that click on "Analyze" option. Then analysis will begin. Once the process gets completed you will get a message that the process is completed. Then a screen will pop up asking you to select a defragmentation method. You need to choose a method to proceed further.

How to Speed Up External Hard Drive - Click on Analyze

Step3: Then the defragmentation process will begin and once it gets completed the software will analyze the external HDD again. As soon as the process gets completed you will get a confirmation message.

How to Speed Up External Hard Drive - Select Defragmentation Method