How to Defrag Kingston SSD Drive???

These days, SSD drives are highly preferred when compared to normal hard drives or your computers or laptops. SSD shortened for Solid State Drive provides more flexibility and reliability in storing data which includes all types such as photos, videos, music, movies, documents, text files, program files, and more. There are several brands of SSD drive, among which Kingston SSD drive is highly preferred for its superb and high end performance. With the regular of Kingston SSD drive for adding, deleting, renaming, moving files, the data on these drives get fragmented, it means that instead of files getting saved onto contiguous blocks, the chunks of data might spread and get saved all over the SDD drive in non-contiguous blocks of memory. Now, in order to read any data that’s moved or modified recently, your Windows OS has to collect all of these data chunks that are saved in the different sectors of your Kingston SSD drive.

This process is nothing but called as fragmentation of disk, which in turn results in sluggish computer that means the operating system of your computer consumes a lot of time in order to recollect this fragmented data. Also, the durability of your SSD drive becomes less. In such situations, carrying out Kingston SSD defrag becomes must and should task that increases life span and fastens your system. Without defragging Kingston SSD drive you cannot boost up the speed of your system and make it run faster like before. Now, the common question that strikes in any users mind is how to defrag Kingston SSD drive. If this question is bothering you, then you need not get too much tensed because to fasten your computer speed, you require some efficient software one like Remo MORE which can defrag your Kingston SSD drive and boost up the speed of your computer / laptop.

Remo MORE is highly recommended by skilled professionals of software industry who are involved in designing and introducing third party defragging tools. With the aid of this effective toolkit, one can either defrag full Kingston SSD drive, but one can also defrag selected file types. MORE suit has become popular and has got good review among wide range of customers. This utility provides great flexibility for defragging Kingston SSD drive files and folders that are often fragmented like pictures, videos, program files, document files, etc. Remo MORE toolkit can defrag Kingston SSD drive on various versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

MORE is designed with simple GUI that makes even an amateur user to employ this software for defragging their Kingston SSD drive with great ease. The most important thing about our MORE software is that it is available free of cost and one does not have to pay even a single rupee for defragmentation of Kingston SSD drive.

Note: It is greatly advised to defrag your Kingston SSD drive or any other storage drive like hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, etc. whose data gets often fragmented. As defragging the drive on regular basis will enhance the drive speed and even its life span is increased.

Perform Kingston SSD Defrag to make it faster:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE software on your computer. Run the software and choose “Manage” option from the main window and then select “Drive Defrag” option as shown in Image 1.

Kingston SSD Defrag - Select Drive Defrag

Image 1: Select Drive Defrag

Step2: Choose the SSD drive and tap on “Analyze” button. Once clicked, the software starts analyzing the drive and you will receive a message on its completion as shown in Image 2.

Kingston SSD Defrag - Defragmentation Complete

Image 2: Defragmentation Complete

Step3: Now, select the Defragmentation method i.e. “Quick Defragmentation” or “Deep Defragmentation” to defrag Kingston SSD drive as shown in Image 3.

Kingston SSD Defrag - Select Defragmentation Method

Image 3: Select Defragmentation Method

Step4: After that, you have to select the file types and size and tap on “Proceed” arrow. The software starts defragging your SSD drive as shown in Image 4.

Kingston SSD Defrag - Defragging SSD Drive

Image 4: Defragging SSD Drive

Step5: Click on “Next” button to continue analyzing the files after defrag as shown in Image 5. Once analyzing files is completed, you can check for the report.

Kingston SSD Defrag - Analysing Files after Defrag

Image 5: Analysing Files after Defrag